Pittsburgh Panthers Men’s Basketball won their seventh straight game after defeating Oklahoma State 74-68 at Madison Square Garden on Saturday.

Nine players scored points for the Panthers including Ashton Gibbs and his team-high 17 points. He has done a fantastic job of running the offense and being the senior leader than everyone expects him to be. His assist numbers weren’t there on Saturday (two assists) but his leadership was there. It was evident. It rubbed off on his teammates.

Nasir Robinson scored 15 points and grabbed six rebounds, Lamar Patterson scored 12 points, grabbed 10 rebounds and dished out seven assists and Dante Taylor chipped in with 12 points, seven rebounds and four blocks.

Pitt grabbed 37 total rebounds compared to Oklahoma State’s 23. It was another dominating performance.

The Panthers have really stepped it up physically, mentally and defensively ever since freshman Khem Birch was implemented into the starting lineup.

His ability to protect the rim, run the floor and ability to generate life to the Panthers is uncanny. Ever since his placement into the lineup this has been a completely different team.

Pitt hosts 4-8 South Carolina State on Saturday, December 17.